Venus is the shiniest, most beautiful attraction of the evening and morning sky. Its name is attractive too. It is referred to as Morningstar in many cultures (of course, not related to Lucifer).

The position and aspects of Venus in your birth chart reflect the way you search for your happiness. Being pleasant, kind, and natural are Venusian qualities just as emotional self-assurance, love, eroticism, beauty, joy, entertainment, art, music, dance, fashion, indulgence, and luxury are associated with this planet.

Venus represents the attractive, erotic young woman in the female experience. It is the princess within, the part of the personality mediating eroticism and desire. The Venusian woman longs for happiness, love, understanding, and the desire to be seen as beautiful. However, overreliance on Venusian energies may result in irresponsible actions in what are otherwise nice aspects of life, including wealth, comforts, and pleasant relationships. This could lead to a shallow, superficial life and may attract harsh criticism.

In a male experience, Venus represents the type of women they like, find attractive, and seek relationships with. It also reveals how emotions can be expressed and experienced.

In general, Venus represents our ability to experience happiness and harmony. It is in close relationship with subjective self-worth that is coded within the deeper layers of the personality.

When relationships are based on kindness, directness, understanding, and appreciation, the relationship is delightful. Others enjoy their company and pay special attention to them. Both people maintain a high sense of self-esteem, and their self-worth is stable and high, because they come from within. That is what the person radiates and that is what his or her circles accept and reflect.

But if one's self-esteem depends on feedback and praise from others, their sense of worthiness becomes unstable, defenseless, and vulnerable. They may hope to find fulfilment in wrapping their “image” in more expensive clothing, idealizing their body by getting larger implants, boasting their status by getting a larger car, making more money, displaying more extravagant behavior, or chasing success, popularity, and shallow relationships. All this just to conceal vulnerable, low self-esteem. These are substitutes. They do not provide real happiness, perhaps just for the short term. And as with all addictions, the dose has to increase . . .

The key is to accept yourself and be natural. If you understand this and you are authentic, the world will accept and appreciate you. It is not about your body shape and type.

Of course, one can be attractive, cultivated, pleasant, and attentive to others, but it should come from within. A well-presented and experienced Venus is the reflection and manifestation of one's inner harmony with the world and with one's relationships.

A strained position of Venus in the birth chart may result in awkwardness, shyness, inhibitions in expressing emotions, prudishness, or rigidity. It might manifest as compensation for these by going overboard and being uproarious, proud, jealous, and egotistical.

Overall, for women, Venus reflects their feminine self and their experience of womanhood, while for men it demonstrates how they get on with women.

Of course, reality and life are so much more complicated than that, but I will try to help clarify the nuances.

When a planet comes to a certain aspect—transits—with Venus in your birth chart, it is the joys of life, happiness, and desires that receive more emphasis.

You may get a chance to experience the beautiful, good, and joyful things of life or you may face problems with these aspects of life.

Positive effects of Venus may bring pleasant experiences, kindness, and emotional fulfilment. Desires may be fulfilled, and love and eroticism may come into focus. If you are a woman, then someone important to you (or even the whole world) may reassure your feminine self, womanhood, and feeling of self-worth. You may get what you really want, what brings you joy. It may be a new dress, a present, a great cultural experience, love, or the fulfilment of your desires. The focus is on the feminine self and happiness.

If you are a man, the outcome is similar, but it may get realized through a female acquaintance.

An expressly negative Venus transit may imply emotional problems, conflicts, and disenchantments. Your subjective sense of self-worth may suffer from it.

Arguments, misunderstandings, refusals, conflicts with women or because of women, temporary disharmony in love, and misunderstandings may occur.

The transiting planet will affect you and bring your feminine self (Venus) into action according to its characteristics, principles, and energies/dynamics. These mainly affect relationships, your emotions, and/or your dominant sex-related experiences. You may face how others feel about you and what they expect from you, and all the while you are the key character. It is about how you feel, what you desire, and how you value yourself.

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