How It Works?

What is astrology? How does it work?

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Everything is moving together.

Astrology inspects the relationship between celestial phenomena and our earthly reality.

Everything is moving together. Everything and everyone is part of a greater continuum. You. Us. Everyone. We all are made of stardust, and our energy sets off a chain of reactions—even when we're unconscious of it.

The cosmic ecosystem encompasses the movements of the Sun and the planets within our Solar System. Every one of these movements directly affects the Earth and influences our lives.

The Sun is the “father” of our extended family. Think of him as the light, the energy, the source of creative forces. But it doesn't stop there. The stone or gas orbs that orbit it also radiate the unique energy signals characteristic of them. In ancient Greece or Rome, we considered these to be the manifestation of the gods and goddesses.

These planets and heavenly bodies formed a constantly changing, fluctuating energy field in space. If the moon can influence the water, who are we too say these shifts in energy can't impact our consciousness, soul, and minds?

The Solar System is an energy vortex with multiple interferences.

  • This is what we live in, this is what we developed into, this is what we are born into. It is like breathing; you don’t have to be conscious of it, but you still do it.
  • Each of us sets off on our individual Life Path from the time we are born, and attach to this field of energy.
  • You are attuned to the frequencies of the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the planets, and all primal principles.
  • This is how your unique and original energy pattern forms; the actual time quality is coded into your being, your personality.
  • This unique energetic structure is depicted in your natal chart. You will carry this for the rest of your life.
  • The planets and houses create an ever-evolving relationship with this pattern.

They trigger a distinct resonancy with your energy pattern, forming what is called an aspect. Transits, or transitions, are characteristic wave formations. These include conjunctions, oppositions, trines, squares, and sextiles.

These aspects act like a spider, spinning your subjective web of energy. They elicit reactions from you that run the gamut from the emotional to the physical, from the conscious to the unconscious.

Much like a sudden change in the weather, some last for years, while others transpire in mere days. Slower-moving transits last longer and carry with them a deeper influence, which is compounded when other transits occur simultaneously, much like sudden changes in the weather. Only these shifts last much longer and have a more profound effect, especially when combined with each other.

Destiny Guide provides this map to you, complete with a description of how these aspects will impact you.

Like your very own meteorological forecast, we help you harness the power of your stars to ensure you live a life of purpose.