Uranus is awe-inspiring, astonishing, life-changing, sometimes crazy, maybe even perverted...

In terms of birth charts, it always appears and impacts you in the areas where you most need to find your own way—the places where you need to be your original self and live your life following your own values. Otherwise, if you’re not able to take your own unique path, you’ll be forced to take someone else’s path—and you’ll have to deal with their bold ideas, revolutionary passion, and rebellion.

Uranus is a cool, stubborn, detached, self-righteous archetype—those are the traits it represents and uses to impact you. However, it is also bright, funny, and always ready for a surprise. It is also adept at holding up a distorted mirror to the world.

It represents progress in all respects and possesses a fundamentally humane attitude.

The function of Uranus is to override and break rigid, “set in stone” kind of structures. It can topple roles, established habits, authoritarianism, and traditions.

This can be accomplished by ingenuity—by offering new solutions—or it can be achieved through mockery and humor. Uranus fearlessly ridicules anything, and shows little respect for anyone. It simply follows its own path...

If you would like to understand this archetype, just think about the tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes! Uranus is the fool character in the tale who gets to say that the emperor is actually naked. In response, you can choose to burst out in laughter, or you can continue to cringe and say, “Oh, he is just a fool...”

The Uranus archetype is meant to disconnect you from your habits in every respect—to raise you above them.

Look at it from a different angle, find a new perspective, find a new solution, a new path to follow! These are the mottos of Uranus.

It targets the attachments, entrenched patterns that keep us from evolving, that stand in the way of progress and change. These may entail mental, spiritual, mindset-related, or emotional attachments. Uranus seeks to do away with all our limitations: the way we hold on to things that seem secure, to roles that no longer pose a challenge and that lack any potential for development.

Attachments always fall into the realm of the ego. What illusion is holding you captive? What role or relationship, what mistaken sense of prestige or power? What do you think you are uniquely equipped to handle? Do you think that “marking your territory” has enabled you to rule it?

Whether it happens in a manner funny or abrupt, turbulent or drastic, Uranus dissolves these entrenched, stagnant roles and structures.

Actually, the appearance of Uranus usually marks the end of a process.

The unattached “fool” has a different, more liberal perspective.

However, if this rebellious energy of Uranus is taken too far, and emphasizing freedom crosses certain boundaries, the results can include self-righteousness, unnecessary resistance against order and structure, and problems with integration. At worst, Uranus can lead one to obvious insanity, abnormality, and perversion.

Still, the radical expansion of the individual’s intellect and scope of action should be welcomed. Uranus allows us to achieve a freedom that brings much needed change into our lives. It opens up a new level of evolution, representing and promoting progress and new accomplishments in the context of conscious decisions and the expanded space of consciousness.

Failure to recognize this will bring about “unenlightened” changes, including rebellion and self-righteousness that can result in confusion and anarchy.

In the context of Uranus-related analyses, greater freedom always entails greater responsibility.

When a planet is in an aspect with Uranus in your birth chart, your “Uranus self”—that inner personality that represents your desire for freedom—is being provoked either positively or negatively.

The planet that comes into contact with your Uranus acts with its own nature, forcing your Uranus self to unfold. It’s like getting someone’s attention by patting them on the shoulder—they will inevitably turn towards you. If instead of a gentle pat, you happen to throw your fast-food leftovers on their shoulder, he or she will indeed listen to you, but with a different energy...

There are positive, supportive, wonderful, and inspiring aspects; there are not so positive, negative aspects. But actually, no matter whether the constellation is marked as “good” or “bad,” you will react depending on the position of your Uranus and your relationship with the “Uranus nature” archetype.

Uranus can certainly be manifested by other people in your life and environment. You can also encounter this archetype through the Uranus behavior and spirit that can manifest as the inspiring, annoying, or shocking actions of others.

The transits to Uranus are meant to represent something new. Marking the beginning of a new stage in development, they promote rebirth, change, and authenticity.

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