The Sun is the source of your vitality, your self, and your assertiveness. It is your conscious orientation, your will, and your creative power. It is the inner spring that flows through your being, the core of your personality.

Your Sun influences your behavior in all life situations and in every one of your roles. Whether they are successes, failures, personal relationships, etc., the experiences that affect your Sun—or your self—present you with important feedback, through which you consciously understand who you are and how you behave. Essentially, as you learn, discover, and integrate who you are, you realize who you can become.

The Sun can also refer to the role of the father or the head of the household. In the case of a woman’s chart, it can indicate characteristics of the relationship to her partner or husband, too.

When another celestial body transits the Sun in your birth chart—in other words, when a prominent aspect is created between the two—it will always directly affect you. It will influence your personality, goals, ambitions, self-expression, satisfaction, opportunities, and the challenges you’ll have to face. A general transit to your Sun offers a chance to shine, use your inner resources, and embody yourself.

The transiting planet affects you according to its unique nature. It represents an energetic potential that can be supportive, harmonious, or even discordant. The main thing is that it puts you in a situation where you can show who you are, establish what you represent, and choose which direction you want to go. This affects you both internally via your self-image, as well as externally via others, the people with whom you are in contact, and the world.

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