Pluto is symbolized by the duality of immersion in darkness and ascent into the light, its evolution. It is an absolutely intellectual principle with the power of suggestion. It has the ability to control both thoughts and feelings. It suggests notions, principles, convictions, and concepts. That’s how it attains power over life and human beings.
Pluto “sells” us an ideology, an idea about something. It might entail anything: will, desire, emotion, suspicion, fear, power, influence, wealth, ideology, faith...

The way Pluto works is that it polarizes and intensifies things. Pluto makes us see things as black or white, sacred or sinful, solemn or something to be prosecuted. It divides the world into an army of “good guys” and “bad guys.”

It is mostly characterized by invisibility. It influences us, inducing belief, conviction, and suspicion so smoothly that we don’t even realize we are under its spell.

Even though Pluto is invisible, it still provides a very robust framework that enables us to either believe in things or not. That’s how it impacts our concept of reality. It ties us to notions, principles, faiths, and spiritual beliefs. It challenges us to make decisions, act, love, or hate in accordance with these notions.

Pluto is not the “thing” itself, but your idea of that particular thing, a belief—what you believe, and what you’ve been challenged to believe about it. Believe in the thing, and Pluto is capable of unleashing enormous spiritual and emotional forces in you based on that belief. The reason why we can accomplish incredible goals under the influence of Pluto is because we are obsessed with the vision, purpose, victory, or any other attribute suggested by Pluto.

Pluto is ready to make you chase a feeling, a will, a desire, a notion, a belief, to make you make any kind of sacrifice, and to transform the pursued vision into a matter of life or death.

However, it will get to the point where it inevitably has to confront you with where the journey has led, what it has resulted in. This is the truth of Pluto. It often means the contradiction or death of the notion, idea, or feeling pursued. It will be replaced by something else: a new savior, a new promise, a new temptation...

It has the ability to penetrate the innermost secrets of your soul, to know exactly what your desires and fears are. It will find your weakness right where it is hidden. Money? Power? Sex? Jealousy? Intellectual arrogance? Sanctimony?

If you want to dig deeper into this archetype, watch The Devil’s Advocate. Or think about the priests by the bonfires!

Pluto has a significant impact on social, economic, and political processes and the fate of the masses.

It has a sharply elliptical orbit; therefore, it spends varying lengths of time in an astrological sign. In the last century, this period lasted around thirteen years, but its current voyage in Aquarius will take around twenty years, and it will spend more than thirty years in the following signs. It is accelerated near the sun and slows down as it moves further away from the sun. The twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century was “owned” by Pluto, so to speak.

Its presence in a sign has relatively minor impact on the individual; rather, it acts as a generational factor.

Wherever Pluto is located in your birth chart, it signals a major area of change and transformation.

When a planet is in an aspect with Pluto in your birth chart, chances are that something will become intensified.

You are very clear about your position; there is no doubt about your thoughts, will, feelings, principles, and the notions you are committed to.

Your Pluto—your Plutonian self—usually represents a faith or conviction regarding the area of life it occupies and dominates. This usually “happens in silence” and only becomes apparent when Pluto is triggered by an external or internal event. This is the moment of truth, when you reveal what you represent and believe in.

You act in the spirit of your Plutonian faith and inner conviction during a positive, affirming, and empowering transit. This might entail the fulfillment of a notion, idea, spiritual will, or desire. There is victory, performance, and results at all costs.

If Pluto is in a positive position, it will empower you to accomplish extraordinary and unique achievements. Attachment to a particular objective, role, or result, where you are willing to work to get the “thing,” might escalate into an obsession that excludes everything else.

This emerges even if Pluto is in a tense position, and it might even exhibit an even more pronounced level of obsession.

Passionate desires and temptations may arise. Pluto might take you “to the dark side.” Think fear, anger, hostility, jealousy, revenge, manipulation, embracing an ultimate battle, or a situation or role intensified to the point of life or death.

Whether you have a positive or negative experience with Pluto, it encourages and forces you to confront yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and the truth.

The transits of Pluto bring insights that trigger profound changes and transformations. Changes triggered by Pluto might be drastic, first driving you down into the depths of the deepest sea, and then lifting you up from the metaphorical ashes like a phoenix.

Pluto often starts construction by destroying everything first.

Light and shadow act as the boundary of consciousness or lack of consciousness, unveiling secrets and tempting inner shadows. If you redeem all that you have brought into the light with its support, it will no longer have power over you.

It would be a good idea to use the transits of Pluto to observe and become aware of what you are doing, what forces are moving you, and how far they can take you.

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