The Moon is your emotional self. It shows what kind of emotional-behavioral patterns you brought into a relationship, and what kind you received. The Moon also describes your emotional nature: your emotional makeup, how you love and whom, and also where you direct your caring love and devotion.

The patterns related to, and governed by the Moon are the self’s less conscious behavioural patterns and motivations. Thus, the Moon in principle contains and activates all the emotional-instinctive imprints of your karmic past, including the effects of childhood, family, and parental (mostly motherly) emotional patterns that have influenced you. In a wider sense, this represents your entire emotional past; your way of loving; aptitude for self-sacrifice; but also the realm of dreams, desires, romance and nostalgia as they work in your psyche. The need for protection and your urge to protect your loved ones can all be linked to the Moon.

The Moon connects you to the world, others, causes, goals and perceptions through your emotions, instincts and intuition. This is how commitments are born.

Your emotions are what make otherwise neutral information more personal, how meaning is conveyed from facts. Emotions create and maintain your focus, and can transfer enormous energies. Feelings and emotions powerfully tie your attention to specific things, events and entities.

The Moon can also imply a motherly, caring role; taking on a family role; the mother; possibly other female relatives; and family members.

In terms of health, problems of mental or emotional nature, biological processes specific to the female body, water balance and cyclical processes in the body are all under the Moon’s influence.

When the Moon in your birth chart comes into contact with a passing - transiting - celestial body - in other words, an aspect occurs - it always directly affects your emotional self. It essentially affects all of the roles in which your emotional presence is the dominant factor; for instance your emotions and emotional patterns, family affairs and caring tasks/duties.

You can learn much about your deeper emotional, instinctive and spiritual motivations through the transits affecting the Moon. You can identify and recognize those characteristics of your personality, family relationships or other human relations that are usually less conscious or even unconscious. Past emotional or deep subconscious memories can be brought into the light and dealt with.

The transiting celestial body will affect you in a way that is characteristic to its nature. It may represent a positive potential that can provide strength or love in terms of emotional roles. On the other hand, it may also be painful and filled with conflict, bringing deeper, emotional-spiritual problems to the surface.

These transits often affect you through your loved ones. They help you clarify:
-how you feel;
-how you want to feel,
-how much emotional-psychological resources you have within you; and
-having to accept how others feel towards you.

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