Mercury in the chart represents your way of thinking, your intellectual self. Mercury affects your interpretation and explanation of things, the idiosyncrasies of your point of view.

Mercury promotes your logic, knowledge, analysis, categorizing your experiences, all forms of internal and external communication (from thinking to writing a book), your intellect and all its manifestations, your intellectual agility, cleverness, curiosity, everything that interests you, whatever you want to know and talk about, and the way you do it.

Other Mercury-related things are: money, marketplaces, business skills, and the very diversity of your interests. Mercury's nature is multifaceted, active, mobile, and restless.

It is the archetypal force of Mercury through which we study, gain knowledge, name things and explain them, talk and gossip, through which we argue and sell, or doubt, and its position and aspects in the horoscope indicate whether an individual has a sharp or dull mind. General mobility and movement, that is, getting from one place to the other, is also an expression of this archetype—as is manual dexterity and skill.

It may be connected to children.

It relates to the body and health, the central nervous system, the respiratory organs, organs involved in the articulation of speech, and the hands.

When Mercury is in an aspect with another transiting planet, it affects your intellect, your thinking, and your mental interests. It may significantly affect your communication with others, or even with your surroundings.

During Mercury transits you receive important information and news, you react, create an opinion, and make decisions. You also get a chance to become aware of your way of thinking, what your reactions reflect, how you “translate” the world through your intellectual faculties.

The characteristics of the transiting planet may influence your thinking significantly. It may help your comprehension, take you in different directions, widen your mental or spiritual horizon, provoke you, initiate a debate, urge you to action, or restrict you. It may confront you with your convictions about the world, others, and yourself. Each transit encourages you to find meaning in everything that you experience.

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