Mars represents the energetic, outgoing, impulsive, positive, fiery warrior archetype. It is the driving force, and the essence of its function is to drive self-expression. It matter-of-factly “announces” to the world what it wants in a direct or at times even aggressive manner.

The Martian character always wants something. It utilizes its abundantly overflowing energy to exert its influence—to provoke, to compete, to challenge to a duel, to call into battle.

Mars perceives various life situations, different roles, tests of strength, relationships, and people as a means to its end; they are but projection surfaces for expressing its energies and inner excitement.

The Martian self draws other people into its games by competing with them. It seeks to be—and is capable of being—better, faster, stronger, tougher, more skillful, more successful, more conquering, and if necessary, more aggressive.

Mars finds a way to push others into action, into showing and expressing themselves.

It can draw strength, energy, and renewal from confrontations, conflicts, dicey situations, fighting, and even defeat.

Mars has a strong inner drive that propels it into action, into “battle.” It wants to achieve results—not somewhere down the line, but here and now. Therefore, the Martian self always appears impatient and ready to fight, as if it were always in a state of excitement. This also applies to sexual behavior.

Mars offers no pretension or excuses. It represents itself, its will, its purpose and desire face-to-face, with an “open helmet.”

Mars is the initiator. It is brave, assertive, determined, straightforward, and honest. At the same time, it easily becomes impulsive, reckless, abusive, or violent. Aggression is a typical form of Martian self-assertion.

Mars usually shapes situations and events by assigning roles in such a way that it and its heroism are at the center of what is unfolding.

The manifestations and expressions of the Martian self usually have a selfish aspect to them. It is not accommodating; rather, it expects others to accommodate it. Mars dictates the rhythm that is to be followed.

Mars rules masculine strength and masculinity in general, and is therefore the primary source of sexual needs, as well as the ability to make sexual conquests and perform.

Mars is less of a dreamer, being more focused on the physical. Mars is quick to decide, as if everything is a race to the finish line.

A positive placement of this planet gives us the qualities of productivity, assertiveness, activeness, and decisiveness.

A strained position of Mars, on the other hand, will be characterized by a significant tendency towards both displaying provocative behavior and being easily provoked, and thus attracting conflict.

A “Mars deficiency” (i.e., weak or absent Mars energy) usually results in a lack of assertiveness and avoidance of difficult real-life situations, as well as problems with one’s sense of agency and possibly one’s sexuality.

Mars tends to act with a view to its own issues, objectives, and needs. Emphasis—or overemphasis—of the self is typical; Mars dictates with the sense of entitlement that is the victor’s due.

Mars is a great partner, but others have to be the accommodating one. They must be the one willing to adapt and make adjustments.

In the male experience, the quality of the Martian self or inner personality is of key importance, especially if we think in terms of traditional male roles.

In the female experience, Mars is also indicative of temperament and a quality of combative self-assertion. It also shows what type of partner you are looking for, what appeals to you, and who and what you find attractive.

When your natal Mars is aspected by another celestial body (referred to as a transit), depending on the positive and harmonious or tense and disharmonious content of the given transit effect, your Martian self will be provoked and compelled towards expression.

Mars represents the energies in your personality that propel you into action. When your Mars is positively aspected, it usually prompts you into action, bringing to life your fighting spirit, your drive to succeed, your impatience, your heroism, and possibly even your libido, with increased directness and purpose.

In the male experience, Mars transits usually affect your own masculine qualities and the house (i.e., sphere of life) ruled by Mars in your chart.

In the female experience, it gets a little more complex. Your Martian self—your readiness for action, will to succeed, and combativeness—is affected. That is to say, the transit urges manifestation and action. But it can also affect the behavior of the man in your life, so the Mars influence can also come from the outside, so to speak—from the other party, your actual or prospective partner.

Tense, unpleasant aspects to Mars can also indicate quarrels, scenarios of aggression, and even the potential for injury—with bleeding—in the lives of both men and women.

The given transiting planet that forms an aspect with Mars always exerts its influence in accordance with its own nature and principal characteristics. Representing specific types of energy, transiting celestial bodies affect and trigger the Martian self—the warrior in you—in their own particular way.

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