Planets - archetypes, basic principles

In terms of astronomy, celestial bodies of rocky or gassy matter orbit our central star—the sun; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the Plutoids.

In astrological terms, celestial bodies with powers are the sources and carriers of astrological impacts and powers. These basic principles were known to humankind in ancient times and formed their view of gods.

In terms of astrology, the sun, the moon, and Pluto are all “planets”; however, they are more correctly described as archetypes or basic principles.

The “scope” of archetypes in short includes the following:

  • Sun - energy, creative power, self, life force
  • Moon - inclusive; caring, emotional self; instincts; soul
  • Mercury - intellect, communication, mobility
  • Venus - femininity, beauty, harmony, love
  • Mars - action, masculinity, courage, power, aggression
  • Jupiter - becoming more, spiritual and material abundance, wisdom and wealth, synthesis
  • Saturn - causality, time, structure, rules, laws, strength
  • Uranus - freedom, independence, authenticity, rebellion
  • Neptune - ideas, ideals, divine love, chaos
  • Pluto – end points, intensified experiences, the truth

Earth is not included in the list above, as it is the place where we “view” and experience these impacts. Earth is the archetype of manifestation.

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