Importance and significance of transits

The power of transits is assessed in terms of the potential magnitude of the impact they can have.

Celestial bodies orbit in their own rhythm, and connect with certain elements of your birth chart at specific intervals, like your Ascendant, planets, and houses.

Because the moon moves around the birth chart so quickly (completing a cycle in 28 days), transits of the moon are the most frequent. Transits of the sun occur each year. Transits of Jupiter occur every 12 years, while Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun.

Therefore, there are frequently occurring, frequently recurring, and rarely occurring transits, as well as ones that occur only once in a person's lifetime.

The less frequent a transit, the longer the duration of the transition and the greater the impact it has.

  • Transits of Mars last a few days.
  • Transits of Jupiter last a few weeks.
  • Transits of Saturn last one to several months.
  • Transits of Uranus last up to a year.
  • Transits of Neptune and Pluto last one to two years.

Longer transits have more active waves, and become exact multiple times, which increases their power.

Therefore, we assess their impact on your life according to the criteria ranging from mild to overwhelming.

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