Houses: houses of the birth chart

In astrology, houses are easy-to-distinguish areas of life that are analogous to signs.

There are multiple systems for calculating the houses, all based on the Ascendant as a starting point. So the “peak” of the first house is always the Ascendant. In the equator-type house system, each house is 30 degrees away from here, just like in the case of the signs.

First house: This is the area of the self, personality, abilities, and life force. “House of the self.”

Second house: This is the area of talents, marketability of skills, value creation, finances, and financial situation. “House of money.”

Third house: This refers to the area of knowledge, learning, mental and physical mobility, curiosity, information, communication, kinship, and neighborhood. “House of mobility and communication.”

Fourth house: This concerns the area of the home, family, family relations, place of residence, origin, and family roles. “House of the family.”

Fifth house: This relates to all the areas where you want to be successful, efficient, and a winner. It includes entrepreneurship, creativity, love, sports, fun, parenting, teaching, and children. House of an “I am the king” attitude.

Sixth house: This is the area of work, workplace, duties, performance, as well as health and disease. “House of services.”

Seventh house: This is the area of relationships, romantic relationships, marriage, other associations, and publicity. “House of relations.”

Eighth house: This concerns the area of profound changes, inner transformation, individual development, life and death, and financials. “House of death.”

Ninth house: This concerns the area of development, understanding, higher studies, the future, foreign countries, and travel. “The house of perspectives.”

Tenth house: This is the area of goals, ambitions, position, leadership, and career path. “House of career.”

Eleventh house: This is the area of friends, company, community role, allies, and people who give or receive help. “House of friends and helpers.”

Twelfth house: This is the area of withdrawal, separation, introspection, discretion, secrets, and sacrifice. “House of secrets.”

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