An empirical science that studies the analogy of observation of the sky and the events on earth.

It is mainly characterized by a system-based approach; everything is interconnected. The individual, society, humankind, and even Earth constitute part of a larger system. Our extended family includes the sun and the planets of the solar system. They rotate and circulate at their own rhythm, emanating their own energy signals, creating an ever-evolving, swirling, fluctuating energy structure that we are part of and participate in.

The interacting energies generate the quality of time, as we perceive it, the “fingerprint of time,” which can be harmonious, supportive, indifferent, or disharmonious, inhibiting, and aggravating for us or even the individual.

Astrology appears to be a universal feature of human culture, an evolving science. Its history dates back much longer than currently known and recognized world religions.

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