Aspects and Main aspects

Visual angles of celestial bodies on the ecliptic as they are seen from Earth, and their relative positions to each other.

These are assessed based on certain prominent symmetries. Aspects are the interactions of astrological powers. We can interpret them as encounters of energy waves unique to a particular celestial body.

Main aspects:

Conjunction: Two celestial bodies seem to appear in the same place in the sky, or one planet passes in front of the other. There are harmonizing and more tense conjunctions, depending on the fundamental nature of the planets.

Opposition: Two planets are exactly opposite each other when viewed from Earth. This causes tension and forces you to produce results, look for solutions, and make decisions.

Trine: Two archetypes seem to be in a 120-degree angle when viewed from Earth. This usually links signs of the same element. It has a definitively positive, supportive, energetic impact.

Square: The arc length between two celestial bodies is 90 degrees. There is no balancing impact, as opposite elementary qualities are linked. Oppositions, issues, and difficulties arise, and you have to learn to handle them well.

Sextile: This is a weaker impact similar to a trine. It brings about progress and positive opportunities, but you have to work on them. It links ancient qualities that nurture one another.

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