Analysis of transits

In astrology, “transit” refers to the passage or exact aspect of a celestial body.

This is usually interpreted in the context of a previously drawn-up birth chart. What changes are brought about or what powers are transmitted by the passage or transit of a celestial body that forms an aspect?

The analysis of transits therefore focuses on the current, actual movements in the sky and their potential impact for a given period of time, from the aspect of a particular person, matter, event, business, important decision to be made, etc.

We could say that the question is whether the quality of the current time helps or hinders, whether it supports a decision or implies that it would be worth choosing a better moment.

Most profound astrological impacts are triggered by transits. Transits activate areas of life, emotional changes, and dormant positive or negative powers in the personality. They get us involved in life situations.

What could the current quality of time support in terms of your personal life, business, plans, or decisions?

The analysis of transits allows you to get a glimpse of what is expected; however, it is not like clairvoyance. It reveals tendencies.

Various transits are specific energy potentials or opportunities, and you fill them up with specific content. You decide how and what you use it for, and how you take into consideration “celestial weather” from your point of view.

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